Traverse City Pet Sitting

“Shadow is so much happier when we come home after you have taken care of him”

Whether you are away on a business trip or vacation, or whether your pet needs additional attention during the day while you are at work, we are there for you and your pet when you are unable to be.

Your pet benefits:

  • By being able to stay in the environment he or she is most comfortable in, free from the stress of staying in an unfamiliar place
  • By having his or her regular diet and routine
  • By having his or her coat groomed
  • By receiving his or her medication, including injections
  • By having exposure to illness minimized
  • By receiving attention and love when you’re away

You benefit:

  • By receiving peace of mind that comes from knowing that your pet is being cared for by a professional who cares
  • By having travel trauma eliminated for both owner and pet
  • By not having to call untrained or unwilling friends/family/neighbors
  • Plus it’s cost-effective, especially for multiple pet households

While we know we cannot replicate you and your loving care, we do our best to maintain a schedule that approximates yours and give your pet all the love and attention we can while you’re away.

Traverse City, Northern Michigan Pet Sitter – In home customized, professional, loving care for your four-legged family and friends.