About Us

Lisa Swanson

Lisa Swanson grew up in a small farming community in Central Indiana.  She frequently worked on her grandfather’s farm with all kinds of animals.  Her love of animals grew always having a dog and or cat around for her entire childhood.  Lisa enjoyed a long career in commercial real estate, but always remained passionate about animals.

After moving out on her own, Lisa’s first dog was a 108lb Chow-Rottweiler mix named Sully.  Sully was her first “child” and developed a bond she never knew possible.  Lisa was married and soon had human children of her own- 2 very bright, athletic girls with fierce confidence who also share a love for animals. 


Today, Lisa manages her daughter’s hockey, track and cross-country schedules along with providing loving care for a docile 130lb German Shepherd named Samson and a 75lb Lab-Pit rescue named Sunny.  Additionally, she cares for 4 guinea pigs- Chief, Sweet Pea, Emmylou and Milly. 


Lisa loves animals and you can rest easy knowing that your pet will be loved and well taken care of while you are away. All of our animal friends LOVE Lisa!

Susan Gibbons

Susan Gibbons founded Sara's Legacy Pet Sitters / Dog Walkers in 2009 and named the business after her first dog. It has been wonderful getting to know and love so many of our local fur and feathered friends and their families. There is no animal I do not love and I will love yours, too. Susan currently specializes in caring for her feline friends, as well as, feline behavioral challenges. 



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