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  • Susan

Continuous Cat Love!

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Growing up, I felt a deep connection with our feline friends. We always had a cat or two or more in our home. We lived on a farm and at times people dropped off unwanted cats, and these cats would then roam the farm as feral. One cat in particular captured my attention. I would sit still for stretches of time, attempting to make friends with this orange-striped male tom cat. He never let me pet him, but we communicated on some level and we would watch one another from a distance.

This bond with cats continued throughout my life and I bring my love and connection with our feline friends into Sara’s Legacy Pet Sitters. I make friends with them … at their pace. I learn about their background and care needs. I update the cat’s family of any changes I notice in their behaviors, including diet and elimination. When I notice something significant, I suggest a visit to the cat’s veterinarian. A couple of times, a diagnosis was made early enough that the cat was able to live out a few more years with their family. Because of the years of experience, I can help make suggestions regarding behavioral issues, so your kitty can be an integral part of your happy, relaxed home. I will love your feline family as much as I have loved mine through the years! Here is a picture of my current baby, Woody, who would not like to be referred to as “baby”.

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