Mid-day Walk

Socialization and Relief

The mid-day walk helps your dog drain energy and feel more comfortable. It breaks up their day, and not only provides exercise, but also mental stimulation for your dog as well.  A mid-day walk contributes both to your dog’s health and happiness … and your peace of mind.

Puppy Let outs

One on One Time

Puppies are a joy, but also require extra time and attention. We let our puppy friends out for a break, give them a meal as needed, sit with them, love them, play, and relax together. One more let-out and time for a nap in a crate.

Cat Specialists

Going the extra

We bring with us special toys to lure even the most shy kitty out. We offer lots of playtime, especially for those kitties needing to race and leap off extra energy. We brush and cuddle and soon our friends are purring.  We visit and chat with those extra communicative. And give medications as needed, including insulin injections. We leave our friends mellow and happy. We also offer behavior consultations. 

Feathered Friends

We sing along!

We love our feathered friends and have experience caring for parrots, cockatiels, parakeets, chickens, ducks and more!

Pet Sitting Basics

Loving customized  care to meet your pet’s needs

We visit your home, the place where your furry and feathered family are most comfortable. We stick to as close as possible to their routines and make your time away relaxing and comfortable for your furry and feathered loved ones.

Adventure Time

Out and About

We love taking our friends on adventures in this wonderful locale, full of sights and smells! We hit the trails, the beach, and stores that welcome our furry friends. Field trip fun is great for those needing a little extra socialization and stimulation.


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